Digital Menus Reimagined: A Retail Food Success Story

Digital Menus Reimagined: A Retail Food Success Story

When digital displays meet ingenuity: Dive into a store's transformative journey for better customer experiences.

Lately we’ve been hard at work on modernization of several stores of one of our clients from the retail food industry. 

The initial task was to help with setting up a few simple displays to show the main and daily menu in order to avoid the need to print them weekly. However, somewhat surprisingly for us, one of the branches ended up using the system much more extensively.

Their manager apparently found his calling while interacting with our system and added nice info such as food preparation time to each of the items on the menu. By smartly using the newly accessible advertising space, he linked several items of the menu into combos which promptly lead not only to  increase of upsells but mainly to shorter waiting time of the customers and therefore shorter queues near the counter.    

Of course similar ideas can be found in fast food restaurants all around the world but we were greatly  impressed with their ability to implement them within our system that was frankly not designed with similar needs in mind. 

We promptly answered the call and after a series of talks with the manager, we customized the solution according to their needs. 

Furthermore we have decided to use these findings and asked our developers to  implement features such as simple queue and order management into the standard version of our app so hopefully you may soon try it yourself.

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