Don’t Overpay - Digital Signage Done Just Right

Don’t Overpay - Digital Signage Done Just Right

Does it make sense to invest into 4k screens for digital signage purposes? What screens offer the best value for the price?

We need to be clear first. If you want to do something perfectly then you better be ready:

  1. to do it yourself 
  2. invest a lot of money 

That being said, you should always try to pick the right tool for the job. 

Picture Thomas, who is in charge of two restaurants and who would like to show his customers a new lunch menu that his chef came up with yesterday. 

Of course, he could print it out the old way and present it on the tables or put a poster in the window or in front of the restaurant. But that comes with its own set of problems. It is time consuming, prone to errors, when you want to make changes you have to start all over again, … In short - lots of paperwork.

Thomas looked into the possibility of using digital signage screens that would allow him to change the content immediately and at will, but found out that the price starts at $935,28 for a single 43" Samsung QB43B, and he would prefer to use at least two screens. 

Moreover, the experts in the review section wrote that if he was serious about the job he should look into devices in the price range of $2700+, like 86" iiyama ProLite TE8612MIS-B1AG, which comes with a lot of features like 4K resolution support, adaptive brightness control or motion sensors.   

It would be an outright lie to say that there is no difference between 1080p resolution and 4k. 

But you need to consider the cost and the possible gain. 

See this simple chart showing the viewing distance when the difference between 1080p resolution and 4k resolution becomes noticeable for most people.   

Distance and the perception of the screen resolution

If you are interested in a live test you can watch this short video by James Archer. Ideally, try this on the exact same display you want to use for your project or at least use similar display type and size.

Remember, Thomas only wanted to show his customers a new promo offer with a couple of photos and maybe a short video of his chef preparing the food in the kitchen.

In most of the cases, there is no reason for him to invest thousands of dollars into expensive Digital Signage when an Android TV or a monitor with HDMI port combined with an Android box would fully cover his needs, and both the purchase price and the energy cost would be much lower. For example he could easily buy for $280.

We designed and developed ScreenManager with the intent to provide a solution that is low cost, easy to set up and runs on almost every Android device.

You can try it yourself by following this tutorial on how to connect your screen with our app in 5 minutes or less. 

Alternatively, check one of the real world use cases here.  

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